Google began to recruit Jump virtual reality camera tester

According to foreign media reports, the I/O developer conference held at the end of last month, Google released a virtual reality products – Jump virtual reality camera. Latest news shows that Google will start from the summer recruiting testers for this product.

Google said that if you want to become the first trial Jump virtual reality camera “select creators”, can register to Google website, and fill in the content of a page or two simple basic information table, to introduce their own background, and explain how future use of this platform.

Google joint movement GoPro camera manufacturers, to create and launch a composed of 16 GoPro cameras, used for shooting Jump of virtual reality video camera. Jump enables users to achieve 360 – degree panoramic shot. Application of the original video after the Jump after conversion, can generate realistic 3D virtual reality video. Users of 3D video can be uploaded to YouTube, with virtual reality goggles Cardboard, namely can see VR video.

For a long time, Google in terms of privacy protection to ridicule. Google for this special tip: as a Jump camera tester, the collection and use of information must comply with the Google privacy policy.

LG will release low-end G4 series of new aircraft

LG G4 take the lead on sale in its native South Korea, priced at 825,000 won, certainly in terms of pricing for the LG is not low. Recently, foreign media broke the news, LG is also preparing a more low-cost G4 series phones.

Low-cost version of the G4 series of new machines to be exposed to G4c, plastic back shell, with five inches 720p touch screen, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, only 1GB of memory, built-in 8GB storage space, front and rear camera effective pixels respectively 500 million and 800 million.

G4c equipped with the Android 5.0 system and LG’s latest UX4.0 user interface, or will be officially launched in June this year.

Easy method to restore deleted text messages on Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Note/Tab

Android user are growing greatly, with near 200,000 mobile activated daily and far more than 12 million Android mobiles used around the globe. Android core applications make it possible for us to do things like send sms, download and send media, take pics and vids, and much more. However , what happens in case something we need goes losing or is by accidentdeleted?

Cannot find the text messages wherever on the Android cellphone, and do not backup. If it happened before, it was very hard to recover these gone sms from Android phone. However now, it is not so difficult. By using the Android sms recovery program , you can actually get back them quickly. So how? What you need is Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android and Wondershare data recovery for Mac. By using them, you can easlily restore gone text messaging from Android device in few clicks.

Read the article, let’s take Samsung Galaxy for example to display you how to restore the data files.

dwonload download

How to retrieve deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note/Tab (For Windows)

You’d better be sure that your mobile phone’s battery is not below 20% charged, after that start the task.

Step 1: Connect the Samsung Galaxy cellphone to the laptop or computer

To start with, install the Android data recovery program on your computer. Connect your Android mobile phone to the pc.


Step 2: Enable USB debugging

Make sure you’ve enabled USB debugging. If not, stick to the option here to enable it.

1)For Android 2.3 or earlier: tap “Settings” > press “Applications” > click on “Development” > check “USB debugging”

2)For Android 3.0 to 4.1: tap “Settings” > press “Developer options” > check “USB debugging”

3)For Android 4.2 or newer: tap “Settings” > press “About Phone” > tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” > Back to “Settings” > press “Developer options” > check “USB debugging”.

usd deugging

Step 3: Check File Types You Just Wish to Recover

For those who have completed step 2, the program will demand you to choose what to scan. Here we can check Messaging and WhatsApp messages & attachments. Then hit “Next”.

preview sms

Pick one of the modes. Commonly we can select the first one “Scan for deleted files”. And then click “Next”. (You can click “Back” when any mistakes .)

preview sms

Step 4: Allow the Superuser Request and Start to Scan

This program might require this Android Data Recovery should be given authority to go on Scanning. Next, press “Allow” on the mobile until it does not appear once more.


Step 5: View the Details and Get back the contents You Choose

And then return to the software on the pc and click “Start” to start scanning. When the scan is over, all recoverable sms messages, contacts, photos and video on your Android will be found and shown in the scan result. You can easily preview all the content, including SMS and WhatsApp chat history. Read the misplaced messages you want and export these to your pc by simply hitting “Recover”.

preview sms

Samsung said the phone screen can be bent or come out in 2016

LG is developing transparent screen and Samsung is in can bend the screen. Today there has been news about these two sounds pretty sci-fi products.

LG company said in elaborate transparent screen, this technology has been used in some high-end cars and aircraft head-up display, but the cost is too high, the real business is still uncertain exactly when the arrival.

Samsung’s attitude folding screen would be much optimism, saying that by 2016, it may be appropriate products available.

iOS 8.1.3 verification closure

Two weeks after the release of iOS 8.2 distance, Apple closed the 8.1.3 firmware verification, for jailbreak users, Apple iOS 8.1.3 Stop affect verification is not large, because this version is no jailbreak tool supports.

Apple iOS 8.3 is still undergoing a test, there is news that the official version will be released next month.

As for iOS 8.3, we now know that new features include wireless CarPlay, 2G / 3G / 4G network switching, Apple Pay support China UnionPay and other functions.

Wondershare MobileTrans Promotional code

Wondershare MobileTrans is a innovative package which can easily move types of files on your mobile phone. Not only will it comparie Android device transfers, but also transfer data files between iOS, Nokia and Android.

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Key functions:


1. Back-up and Restore contents (Only for Windows OS)

Have a smartphone in your hand? No matter. You can easlily back up your device to PC first of all and then restore to any supported smartphone at any time.

2. Keep Device Data Secure

You are able to backup data on Apple device, Android device, or Symbian device to the computer, keeping all of the important contents secure .

3. Restore Phone Backup for iPhone/Android Mobile

Throw away your old mobile phone for iPhone or Android smartphone? Now, this excellent software allows you to restore backup copies created by MobileGo, Samsung Kies, and BlackBerry@ Desktop Suite, and move pictures, sms, and so on. to iPhone and Android device.

4. Switch iTunes to Any Supported Device

You’ll be able to transfer tunes and playlists from iTunes to an Android phone, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Besides, you can also restore iTunes Back-up and send contacts, text messages, pics, video, etc. to any kind of supported device.


This software worked well & transferred all my contacts, pictures, videos & apps from my old cellphone to my new Galaxy S5. One caution though: in the first time connecting to each cellphone, the first set up of the drivers & the MobileGo program seems to finish but it mentioned there’s an error connecting to each phone. But after you remove the USB cable and then reconnect, the phones connected properly and worked fine. This package also has helpful reminders and guidelines on how to turn on the phone’s USB Developer Mode to enable the drivers to be installed & how to enable Unknown Sources to let your apps to get installed from your old cellphone to the new one.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter discount code

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is progressive DRM removal program that can eliminate DRM protection from movies and audio bought from iTunes, Microsoft Media Center, iMesh, SpiralFrog, BBC iPlayer WMV, Amazon video on Demand and also other DRM protected media center legally. In addition, Aimersoft DRM converter can convert both DRM protected and common media to the file format you would like for your digital device.


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User reviews:

1. I was trying to find a software to convert “You Tube” videos into DVDs and audio files and this program so far is the best ! Omg -so simple to install and use. I was able to create video-DVD’s and use it on my iPhone. A 5 STARS software .

2. What great is it to download Youtube videos (or Dailymotion/Facebook) in case you can only watch them on your MAC or PC? The DRM removal resolves this difficulty by giving you the chance to eliminate the DRM off the file and convert to a popular format for play on many devices. What a good program to have.

3. Not only lets me removal DRM protection but also converts for my Apple devices. So now I can play my videos from Zune Marketplace, Xbox Live or Amazon Video on Apple iPhone or iPad, anytime I want a little entertainment. No longer do I feel chained to my computer using just one product from now on. A very affordable purchase, best idea I”ve had until now.

4. Aimersoft makes the very best software, and also cost-effective. I would never go in other places because Aimersoft rocks!

5. I’ve tried numerous conversion software over the years to convert media files and for some reason they all sucked. The DRM Media Converter rocks. It has yet to fail to do things I want it to do! Thanks for a fantastic product.

HTC One exposure Sense 6 Lollipop Screenshot

Taiwanese manufacturers HTC company will be around next year to Android 5.0 officially completed in February customization and push the new version of Sense 6, presumably in February next year is still some distance for some time, I believe Sense after the upgrade everyone’s curious about 6 will What is it like now?

Familiar friends HTC phone may not feel strange for LlabTooFeR, who in the past had to disclose in advance through a variety of HTC’s new machine information, it broke the terms of the relatively high degree of authenticity. And for the release of a new version of the interface, LlabTooFeR indicates that the interface will be used for HTC One (M8), equipped with the Android 5.0 Lollipop system version and Sense 6 interface.

Screenshots from the new version of the exposure point of view, HTC One (M8) after obtaining updates, in addition to the notification bar has changed beyond, including the Google search bar, lock notification part of the page, have joined the Lollipop new elements. First, obviously, Android 5.0 lock screen elements into the Sense 6 being, but the background is also approximately the native Android interface looks like 5.0, and now Sense 6 completely different. However, in the end user interface HTC Sense 6 In addition to some changes in appearance, and for the Android 5.0 Lollipo operating system updates, if they would join the other features yet to be confirmed.

HTC finally give hope to achieve its commitment to complete the new system before the February edition of push, what bounced checks, it is too annoying.

LG file Recovery – Easy method to Restore Files from LG Mobiles

Deleted data (pictures, movies, tracks as well as other media contents) off LG android cell phones SD card and want to bring back deleted pictures, videos, songs and other files from LG android devices? In fact, no problem, you are able to restore deleted files from LG phone by android recovery application.

It is because as files removed, formatted or maybe lost on LG mobile phone, they aren’t erased from the memory card inside of the smartphone actually. The Android operating system system will mark the lost or damaged data as another file format, which is cannot be seen and unavailable. And also area of misplaced contents has become available for new data files. Which makes it quite vital to pause utilizing the mobile phone immediately in order to avoid new data being written to the space where the deleted files occupied earlier. Look for a Android recovery to assist you bring back missed files before they are overwritten by fresh data.

Here recommend a LG phone recovery program: Android data recovery for Windows and Android data recovery for Mac. Both the program are trusty and specialized. They can be used to bring back photos, video, audio files as well as other data from LG devices, regardless of you eliminate, format or missed them due to other reasons. You are not asked to be technically skilled. You’ll be able to complete the full recovery in just 4 steps.

download download

Step 1: Connect your LG smartphone to the pc

After downloading and setting up tool on the pc, run it and you’ll be asked to connect your device to the pc using USB cable.

Note: Be sure that your device and your pc are well connected, if not, the process might be ended half the way. And then your mobile phone’s data may lost when the USB cable was unconnected during the process.


Step 2: Enable USB Debugging of your LG Device

And after that, this tool will request you to enable your USB debugging in case you haven’t do that before. When you have already enabled USB debugging of the Device, you can bypass the step and keep on going. Different operating system have different setting approach.

By the way, if you would like to scan some of the phone files, you could pick the responsible data that you need and then click on “next” to move on.

Picking a scanning mode also can help you save time. You could choose “Scan for Deleted Files”.


Step 3: Analyze and Scan your Device for Lost contents

You’ll see the bellowing window after you’ve got enabled your LG USB debugging. Press “Start” to allow your LG to be scanned and following the tool has analyzed the pevice, it starts to scan your lost files.


Step 4: Preview and Recover Misplaced LG Files

And after that, you will get all of your LG data scanned out and placed in groups. You are able to preview those scanned data files 1 by 1 according to categories. Choose whatever you want to retrieve and sign them down. When you have everything selected, click “Recover” to start out retrieving your Lg phone deleted contents.

preview sms

Yes! It is easy to bring whatever files back to your Lg device so long as you have backed up your LG mobile and have Android File Recovery to you. It is a time-saving and efficient recovering program that brings you to the wonderful data retrieving excitement.



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Wondershare TunesGo discount code (Win & Mac)

Do the things iTunes can not do! In spite of you lost your audio as a result of system re-format, iTunes accident, laptop or pc repairs or any other unknown reason, or perhaps only want to move playlist to another computer. That will not be problems any longer. Wondershare TunesGo can make the transfer of videos, audio, images, playlists, contacts, text messages, and so forth . . from your Apple products to iTunes and back to the pc or laptop computer as simple as pie.


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Note: With that coupon code, you will find a big discount.


Key Functions:

1. Wondershare TunesGo share music, videos, photos and also your playlists stored in the mobile phone to manage, export and import those data as well as you are able to send them from your Computer or iTunes and vice versa.

2. It is able to convert songs and video quickly to the formats supported by the device in the transfer process.

3. You’ll be able to backup Wondershare TunesGo and sync the contacts with the Outlook account to arrange, edit and remove the duplicates.

4. In case you have lost all of the audio as a result of system reinstall or simply is blocked only need iTunes and sync your library disk drive with the iPhone or iPad.

5. Wondershare TunesGo for connecting multiple Apple products simultaneously and share data straight between them with a only a few clicks.