Third party push LG G4 8500 mah battery suit back

Although each big mobile phone manufacturer in the pursuit of light on the road is more walk more far, but in the context of the current battery technology, on the premise of both life and light to increase the battery capacity is not easy.


Recently, a company called Zerolemon accessories manufacturer for G4 LG’s flagship model this year launched a super capacity battery back shell suit, 8500 mah capacity for fate, it’s a LG G4 2.83 times that of the original 3000 mah battery, the normal use of 3 days should be no problem, and valuable is its single charging time is only 2 to 3 hours. In addition, due to the volume of the LG G4 and power key all at the back, so the battery on the back cover designed specifically for special soft plastic buttons, and in order to guarantee the normal use of NFC function, after the shell inside the added a NFC chip.

Front also mentioned, currently on the light and battery capacity of the paradox proposition, is still you cannot have your cake and eat it, so take the protection of the thickness of the shell after the LG G4 is from 9.8 mm to 21.3 mm, you don’t have to worry about camera highlighted, weight of 178 g.

It is understood that the Zerolemon cases have amazon sold in the United States, discounted price of $59.99.

Nexus 8 running website was caught using eight core processor

Foreign media in Geekbench 3 run test site first discovered the Google Nexus run score according to 8 tablets.

Alleged Nexus 8 tablet is benchmarked by Geekbench 3

In signal equipment we can very clearly see the wording “Nexus 8”, from the picture to see the tablet running clock frequency of 1.3 GHz unnamed eight core processor, but that should not qualcomm Snpadragon series, because the latter often at about 1.7 GHz clock frequency.

So far we haven’t got much information about the Nexus of 8, after Google Nexus 7, Google just skip the Nexus 9/10, therefore according to the naming rules, the Nexus of 8 May have 8.0 inch screen.

According to the test results, the Nexus 8 will run Android 5.1.1 operating system, but it sure is temporary, because the Android 6.0 “cotton candy” to be released.

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Motorola launched three new phone

Motorola held in New York, London and Sao Paulo synchronous launch, the official launch Moto X Style, Moto Play and Moto X G 2015 three new equipment, including Moto X Style listed in September, Moto X Play in 55 countries listed in August, and Moto G will start today in 60 countries, excluding China market.

To start with, all these three equipment support Moto Maker custom services.

Moto X Style appearance and antecedent basic consistent product, fuselage back cover Moto logo and cameras integrated on the same piece of metal strips, this is two generations of products one of the biggest differences in appearance. In addition, Moto X Style on reservation wooden shell, on the basis of introducing the leather, silicone and colorful rear cover, the fuselage frame also introduced more popular local tyrants gold color. Moto X Style USES 2 k 5.7 inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon carrying 808 six core processor, run Android 5.1.1 operating system, run 3 GB of memory, battery 3000 mah capacity, support 4 g LTE network, and the latest fast charging technology. Moto X Style in the aspect of taking pictures using the front and rear 5 million a 21000000 megapixel camera, equipped with front and rear double color temperature as the fill light flash.

Moto X Play as a derivative, positioning models in the end, the overall appearance is still consistent with Moto X Style, using removable back cover design, focus on the main differences between the location and configuration. Moto X Play with 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 615 processor, 1080 p resolution display, a 5.5 -inch rear 21000000 megapixel camera, pre – 5 million megapixel camera, a RAM for 2 GB, divided into 16 GB and 32 GB two versions, the battery capacity is 3630 mah, support the rapid charging technology, qualcomm run Android 5.1.1 operating system.

Moto G 2015 the biggest change from its waterproof performance, new Moto G will support IPX7 waterproof, can theoretically in 1 m deep underwater work for 30 minutes. Moto p level 2015 G 2015 with 5 inch screen, carrying Snapdragon 410 processor, a camera before and after 5 million and 13 million pixels respectively, 1 GB and 2 GB RAM runs two versions, the storage space is divided into 8 GB and 16 GB version, two support maximum extension 32 GB memory card. Support network, moto G LTE 4 G networks, battery capacity is 2470 mah, run Android 5.1.1 operating system.

Moto G listed on July 28, 2015, 1 GB + 8 GB storage version of $180, $220 version 2 GB + 16 GB storage. Moto X Play, Moto X Style on sale in August and September, respectively, and said it would be much cheaper than other flagship machine 200-300, 300 – $400. There are news that Moto X Style unlocked version of the price of $399.

The best Samsung Kies Alternative

kies sucksLooking for solutions to handle your smartphone on your computer, so that you can move sms, download your photos via the home wi-fi connection, and also upload the audio and videos, in order that you can enjoy to audio and enjoy films, while travelling. Most times, you may use Kies, is when your worries fires up. When you connected the device, problems begun, if you could attempt to download many pictures to your Computer. To begin with, when logged in to Samsung kies by internet browser, you would get an error showing your certificate has been revoked. you had Java installed in your system and you also tried all sorts of things. your fitted java several times, when you failed to install it properly, so you upgraded Java to the newest software updates, you modified internet browser settings, and you even contacted Samsung client service. They were not very helpful, and were unable fixed your situation.

Samsung kies not working well for you! Below is a Kies alternative that can blow your socks off.

Wondershare Mobilego for Android, to be one of the top Samsung kies alternative. It truly is a fully packed computer software with full of features. It’s created for Windows and Mac users and the probabilities of what can you do with the package is endless. While some functions that would haven’t been found in Samsung Kies .


Download MobileGo for Android here, for Mac users, use MobileGo for Android (Mac).



Key features :

1. Backup and Restore the entire files of your Android Mobile in A single click. Choose to back up your phone, or you can just select some of the items you wish to back-up. You will be able to backup contacts, sms, calendar, photos, songs and or video all in 1 click.

2. Quickly handle all your Apps on your mobile. You will be able to install, transfer, uninstall and share applications in batches, and transfer applications to the memory card.

3. Deliver and receive SMS from the computer, and backup threads as TXT files. Perfect in case you have an online, work in home business.

4. Synchronize the mobile phone contacts to and from the Android smartphone. You can do everything from adding, editing and merging duplicate contacts, starting from computer.

5. When you are a music lover there is a feature you should love. You are going to have the way to deal with your audio and video collection quite simply. Convert audio tracks and videos to Android friendly formats, from your Windows computer.

6. It has a awesome built in resource center, for downloading music and videos.

7. If you interesting taking pictures you’ll love the ability to drag and drop images, from the Android mobile to computer and vice versa conveniently.